Summer / Winter Training

Summer and Winter Training is a specially customized section of the courses provided ICSS. Under this section we have clubbed our courses in a minuscule to give our students a better opportunity in learning about Physical Security, Cyber Security, EC Council, Web Marketing, and Students’ Safety Program.

From this type of stylized program structure students learn and get exposed to organizational culture of an environment and industrial projects, in a short period of time. During our Summer/Winter Training, we also take specially customized classes (of all the provided courses) depending upon the availability of students. It has a short term course length (like crash courses), lasting from 15days to 1 month.

List of programs/courses provided in our Summer/Winter Training are:

• Physical Security:

-diploma in security management

-certificate in security management

-unarmed security guard

• Cyber Security:

-diploma in cyber security

-PG diploma in cyber security

Certificate in cyber and information security

• EC Council:

-certified security computer user

-certified ethical hacker

-certified network defender

-certified secure programmer

-certified computer hacking forensics investigator

-certified security analyst

• Web Marketing:

-certificate in digital marketing

-certificate in website designing

• Students’ Safety Program