College Campus Training

This program is a manifesto in providing complete training for students of professional (technical and management) courses, on latest technologies within the college campus itself. This type of training is imperative because it has all the necessary attributes which are central and vital for students to learn about before they enter into the corporate life. And in corporate sector, theoretical learning is given less emphasis than practical training.

College Campus training is basically designed to supplement and improve the “industry readiness” level of students, thus making them professionals and more employable in their field. College campus training is provided by all branches of ICSS. It has established its presence across all the major cities of Northern India like, Noida, Roorkee, Lucknow, Dehradun and Meerut.

Being a visionary in educational landscape, ICSS offers on-campus to empower students on latest and current security innovations. The training revolves around the practical as well as theoretical learning, and students are even granted an opportunity to work on one major assignment. International College for Security Studies (ICSS) also provides study kits covering e-books, hard copy, and CDs to the students/candidates. Students are provided certificates after the completion of training, which are globally recognized and acknowledged. The on campus training program fee is lesser than off-campus training courses, and therefore the students benefit from it. The best part of the training is a student can balance their training and their running syllabus simultaneously without affecting any of their college studying schedule.

The on-campus training displays a potential which gives you a learning curve of the professional sphere, and not just the regular academics. In professional cosmos practical awareness is given a better inclination and an undivided attention, than the abstract knowledge, and through this knowledge students are given that platform. A team of expert instructors and trainers from ICSS will visit the college to give the training. The every day training duration lasts from 5 to 6 hours, and the final schedule can work out to the confinement of all. This training that is conducted in college campus consists of technical and software expertise.