Dr. Raj Singh Nehra

Chancellor Dr. Raj Singh Nehra is an academician and an entrepreneur who has worked with IGNOU and College Of Vocational Studies, Delhi University as Academic Counselor for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree Programmes, and a Guest Professor, respectively.

Dr. Nehra’s Physical Security start-up ensures development of sector specific security professionals, where the framework of the project has always been in accordance with the contemporary needs of the industry, which, actually, has come up as a result of an in-depth research of the subject matter. As the Director of ICSS, he signed an MOU with Israelli College for Security and Investigation (ICSI), which is the best institution of security in the world. To secure the private industries and government bodies from any physically threat, starting up of Physical Security as a program and society was an acute need in our country. Due to the lack of physical force which acts as the imminent securing body for the country’s various organizations, Dr. Nehra brought his idea of Physical Security in the upfront.
Later with the growth in Physical Security, the government and private institutions started paying more heed to the upliftment and development of Cyber Security. And this is what made him step into the section of Cyber Security in 2013 in India, along with its consistency in being passive in its growth, which though consequently proved in progression and encroachment in Cyber Studies.

He also runs a travel and tourism training institute and have placed over 2000 participants in hospitality and services sector. Prof. Nehra has conducted various Management Development Programmes (MDPs) and Capacity building Programmes throughout India with both Government and Non Government agencies like EDI and Government of J&K for skill building/up skilling and livelihood training. Dr. Nehra is also involved in building up a Centre Of Excellence for Advanced Training in Cyber/Physical Security in collaboration with Kerela government. It goes by the name CATS (Centre for Advanced Training in Security), where it is an initiative of KASE (Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence). CATS is one of the best centre of excellence in India, dedicated to research and innovation in the Security Sector, to create professionals who can help in creating a safe and secure environment for corporate segment.