In this track, you'll learn how to design and build beautiful websites by learning the basic principles of design like branding, color theory, and typography which are all instrumental in the design process of a website. You'll also learn HTML and CSS, which are the common code languages that all modern websites are built on. These are useful skills to acquire as they are needed by nearly every single business in the world to communicate to customers.

Course Module-

• Fundamental of Web Page Designing

• Different Rules of Web Designing

• Launching a Website

• Understanding Cpanel and FTP

• Supporting Browsers for Web pages

• Client Side and Server Side Scripting

• Mobile Compatible Web Designing

• Shopping Portals and E-commerce Designing

• Different Frameworks in Website Designing l

• Webpage layout and structure

• Choosing Website Themes

• Image Optimization or Resizing Images

• Uploading Audios and Videos in Website

• Tags in HTML5 l

• Margin, padding & positioning


• Video & Audio Tags

• Canvas

• Creating Drop down with the help of list

• Text effects with CSS3

• Building advanced Navigation Systems in CSS

• Software Installation

• HTML 5 and CSS 3

• Javascript

• Jquery for Mobile

• Photoshop

• Logo Designing

• Vector and Graphic Software

• Slice Cutting

• Screen resolution

• Forms and forms attributes

• Styling Forms

• CSS linking types and coding for linking

• Text, Image and Link effects with CSS