Enterprise Risk And compliance

Cyber Security

Identify, Mitigate and Manage Cyber Security Risk

Understanding and evaluating risk means smarter decision-making in business. Once you have perspective on the risks you face, you can modify your security program, optimize current technology usage, plan future investments and address risks more effectively.

Optiv can help you get the answers you need to evaluate opportunities and analyze risk. Our 360 degree view of the security space means we take a comprehensive approach to track, triage and treat potential hazards and threats. We can translate your requirements into in-depth remediation recommendations that take into account the technology, people and processes specific to your organization. We help organizations move from discrete, compartmentalized efforts to programs that strategically address the big picture.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a plan-based business strategy that aims to identify, assess and prepare for any dangers, hazards and other potentials for disaster – both physical and figurative – that may interfere with an organization's operations and objectives. Relatively new (it's less than a decade old), the discipline not only calls for corporations to identify all therisks they face and to decide which risks to manage actively; it also involves making that plan of action available to all stakeholders,shareholders and potential investors, as part of their annual reports. Industries as varied as aviation, construction, public health, international development, energy,finance and insurance all utilize ERM.

  • Identify, assess and quantify your risks
  • Optimize your security spending to focus on what matters to your organization
  • Reduce risk and demonstrate compliance